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If you are enthusiastic about living in a healthy community, you can join this site to learn more about projects, programs, and initiatives that promote safety in Canadian society.

People who stay informed about activities and events in their community will be more inclined to address safety concerns. It is crucial for people to come together to discuss issues that affect them directly.

When you feel that projects or developments near your home will compromise your rights, it will help to talk to people around you. It is easier for a group of people to act against activities that could compromise the security of a community.

When people come together to discuss issues in their neighbourhood, it is easier to share information. Social media groups can be formed to send out messages instantly to alert people of suspicious activity in the neighbourhood. Law enforcement agencies can be alerted immediately to address a security issue.

Join Alberta Police to stay up to date about relevant security or safety concerns. Help people get access to accurate and reliable information online. If you get information from credible news sources, you can share this information with people in your community. Inform people about credible sites which they can source information from.

If there are serious security issues in your neighbourhood, you can plan an event to create awareness about criminal activities. You can invite private and government agencies to talk about safety measures and concerns. People who normally throw caution to the wind can be taught to have more concern for their safety and to make better judgements.

People can also use the event to get to know other members of the community. Use this platform to stay connected with others who show concern for community safety. If you are part of a neighbourhood watch program, you can share your experiences on this site. Join this platform to spread awareness about community safety.

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