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Welcome to Alberta Police. This site is dedicated to sharing accurate and relevant information about community safety.

The online space is cluttered with threats to security and privacy. Learn why licensing plays a huge role in a site’s credibility. For example, licensed online gambling operators need to abide by certain rules, and they are strictly regulated by authorities like the MGA.

There are many ways to encourage safer gambling practices in your community. It is much more enjoyable to bet on live sports with friends. Attend live sports events and download a credible sportsbook to play remotely. Find out how to support people in your neighbourhood who gamble responsibly.

The health of a community is dependent on various socio-economic conditions. People in a neighbourhood feel safer when factors like healthcare, education, social connections, economic stability, and the health of the environment are taken into consideration. People will automatically feel more comfortable when their basic services are met.

The Canadian government is involved with many programs to improve government safety and security. There are certain policies and laws that allow people to address security concerns. People can use information about criminal activities in their area to make better judgements about their actions.

There are things you can do to keep your home and surroundings safer. It is not advised to tell everyone on social media about your holiday plans, and it helps to get to know your neighbours a little better if you plan to go away for a while.

Neighbourhood watch programs are effective at keeping criminals at bay. Get people in your community together to discuss the possibility of starting a neighbourhood watch. These groups should consist of people who share mutual trust. Devise a plan of action to make people feel safer in your neighbourhood.

Users can contact us to explore a few security and safety measures that are aimed at making neighbourhoods safer places to live.

If you are serious about community safety and security, then you should consider joining this site for the latest news, information, and updates.

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